Spotlight: Andy Warhol

We’ve started off our Art in fifth class by looking at the work of Andy Warhol. We talked about his life and watched a couple of videos that gave some idea of the influence he had and continues to have on Art. We noted how he used popular items for his art (in comparison to other artists at the time who were painting beautiful chapels and wealthy royal families), and also how he repeated images and used bright, gaudy colours that jump off the page.

Idea 1:

First, each of the kids was given a can of spaghetti (you can imagine the  confusion when the teacher rocks in on Monday morning with 30 cans of spaghetti!). They were 22c each in good old Lidl, and may be even cheaper in Aldi, if you’re into that kind of thing. We looked at Warhol’s famous ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ first, discussed what it might be about, and then set about re-creating it! Apart from the soup can, all the kids need is an A4 sheet of white card, which they cut in half vertically. Stick one half on the can as a base layer with PrittStick, design the other half and stick that on to. I gave each child a Campbell’s logo, to give them some look of uniformity, but that’s totally up to you!

Idea 2:

The next week,  we  revised what we had learned about Warhol, and then made some pop art for ourselves. This was a pretty easy-to-prep lesson which turned out really well. All you need is a black A4 sheet of card for each student, and then lots of A4 paper in bright colours. Simply cut the coloured paper into quarters, and have the kids select four colours, which they add to their black canvas in whichever way they like. Then they choose an easy-to-draw image (I put plenty of examples on the board), repeat it four times, and go over the lines with whiteboard markers. We also discovered that Tipp-Ex stood out nicely around the edges of the canvas!


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